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Sports legal consultancy 

We are in a new sports generation era, 10 years ago is not today, this is a full new energetic & high economic sport market, today sports is one of the highest income generator and rich source for the clubs and countries economy.

After the high advertency nationally and internationally, with their Highnesses interact in this regards, where it came with their decision of transforming to professionalizing and club privatizing, we decided to stand up to be your professional legal advisor in between players, clubs, national and international federations, to follow up all the new roles of the FIFA and Asian federation.

We are a leading consultancy company in this field, our consultant is a well known person in UAE and the reagent, he is the Ex. Consultant and Advisor of the UAE federation and he was the one who disposed the new tariff according to the new rules and regulations of the Asian federation, Dr. Hani Al Rifaey.

The managing director of the company is Mr. Mohammad Hassan, a well known players agent in the gulf, middle east, Arab countries and many of European as well north America. 

What we can offer you? 


Legal consultancy

1-      General consultancy

  • Trainers contract

  • Players contracts

  • Marketing contracts

  • Club employees contract

  • Other contracts


2-      Respective consultancy

(Transforming from amateurism to professionalism & Privatizing clubs)

  • Arranging all legal documents

  • Arranging forms and archives

  • Arranging and implementing the process of registering in all related governmental departments and ministries.

  • Arranging all the legal affairs between the partners


3-      Respective consultancy (For the club)

  • Club ticklers with trainers, players and employees

  • Club ticklers with National & international federations


Other Services

1-      Special training courses

  • Players

  • Trainers

  • Club management


2-      Special training in how to be a players agent

3-      Marketing

  • Accouplement the club with its fans

  • Family memberships

  • Advertising and marketing contracts

  • Sponsorships


For more details or information, Please contact us on:

Master sports P.O. Box 33442 Ras Al Khaimah, U.A.E. Tel. 00971 7 222 4 666, Fax. 00971 7 222 4 667